Women Empowerment

Society perspective has changed in last century. Spesifically to women, it change from domestic to profesional rule. Mrs. Kartini, who established a spirit to enrich women literature activity, has declared as the Indonesian women emansipation movement.

According to National Development Planning Council (Bappenas) there is about 131.80 million women in 2018. It becomes a half of national population. This statistic is awesome.  A large number of women is very potential to human capital development.

As I stated above, society perspective has changed. People, spesifically, discuss this topic in gender analysis. At the beginning, women startes their activities at home. They keep family. Sometimes they are banned to attending school and forbidden to work at office as a profesional.

But today, we see there are a lot of women decide to be whatever they want. They become artists, scientists, academicians, and of course politicians. They attending parliament meeting, they turn into senator and representative.

The women that I put below is the awesome one. She was a World Bank director, and today she is Indonesian Finance minister. Excellent, she is Sri Mulyani Indrawati,Ph.D.