The Apes

Every Indonesian senior high school student whose attending biology class learned about one of the most polemical thesis ever, evolution. So do I, student started to argue about this incredible topic in order to understanding about the origin of organism in this blue planet: earth. Absolutely, there are no any verses from Bible or Quran cited to illustrated about the human history in biology class.

Evolution class started when instructor explain about natural selection. He explained with many evidence on plant and animal. Not to disremember, the stories about Sir Charles Darwin journey on Galapagos Island is the opening part on this topic.

As I stated above, evolution is a controversial thing. It is contrary to procreasionist that most of them is a part of religious group. Merriam Webster explained that evolution is the act or process of going from the simple or basic to the complex or adcanced.

In this cyber and digital age, human, specifically for my self, are step between two kind of thinking system. School and university teach people to thinking scientifically, but in other hand, religion put belief as their thinking foundation.

This different way of thinking makes people disorient to understanding the human origin. Seriously, holy Bible and Quran stated that human is created at eden, then God put them to this earth for their fault. Yes, people beliebed it for centuries. Then science appear in this decade. Scientist uncover that modern human ( Homo sapiens) is a form of ape evolution.

We do not need to contrary to decide the precisely one. But, if we use our thinking system standard, there are no any theory that may illustrated the origin of human completely than Darwin. Last but not least, believe to evolution does not mean that  we do not believe in God. I guess, this is why He put an intellectual behavior on us: to thinking and observing about who we are, about the universe, in our own way.